SVMS Specialty School Big Ideas

    Grades 4-8

    Planned Opening August 2016



    • Language Acquisition


        • All students receive language instruction for an additional Language B from grades 4-8. This means students will leave prepared to take advanced World Languages courses at the high school level and be able to read, write, listen and speak in the additional language.


    • PACE


        • Personalized learning plans to meet the specific needs of students who require programs of acceleration, challenge and enrichment.
        • All teachers trained in using the icons for gifted students to promote depth and complexity.
        • Courses with groupings of students to deepen and expand learning experiences in specific subject areas.


    • International-Mindedness


        • International focus on issues in each subject area. Students examine the larger world around them and connect internationally with subject area experts and peers. Students engage in, “Think globally, act locally mentality” to address large scale global issues.


    • Service Learning


        • All students engage in learning through community service. Students investigate problems and possibilities in their community and engage in service learning projects to enhance and support their community. All students are required to participate in service learning activities and this is supported through classroom instruction as well.


    • Social Emotional/Whole Child Approach
    • Through the use of the Learner Profile, which includes ten 21st century learner traits (caring, knowledgeable, principled, reflective, thinker, inquirer, open-minded, balanced, risk-taker, communicator) throughout all course and activities to promote well-rounded individuals.
    • Inquiry-Based Instruction and Design Cycle


      • Students engage in hands-on learning opportunities where the teacher serves in the role as facilitator of learning. Students engage in project and problem-based learning as they construct understanding and make connections in all subject areas and beyond. Design Cycle of plan, do, assess, analyze for student use in project-based learning and project creation.
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